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#tbt Grizzy Hendrix "Who Killed Tupac?" (Music Video)

In today's installment of #tbt I wanted to show 1 of my favorite artists I've ever had privilege of working with. We've been working together for a decade now and I've been engineering 95% of his career music. Big shouts to Grizzy Hendrix who continues to make major noise within the independent music scene and online. When I was mixing this record about 4 years ago in my infamous basement studio, I was so entranced at the fact I was able to manipulate Grizzy's voice so well that it almost seemed as if I had channeled Tupac himself in the studio. It was a magical moment for me, to this date I have no clue what I did to get it to sound like that lol. I may have been possessed by the Hip Hop Gods that night. 

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